3D Desktop Scanner

The MMI-SC01 is specifically developed for the dental market. It adopts the latest structured light 3D scanning technology to provide accurate and efficient solutions for maximum production and value. The scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN network, and a revolutionary structure that allows easy software upgrades in the future. It is your ideal digital lab companion.

The 3D scanner can be applied in different levels of dental laboratories, dental vocational colleges, dental clinics, etc. Its intuitive design and automatic workow brings incredible benefits to dental labs and vocational education centers of dental technology.


The MMI-SC01 scanner is comprised of detachable modules, which allows the scanner to be customized for specific restorations. Allowing our clients the option to upgrade and alternate parts as needed.

Open structure for easy cleaning and model set up.

Portable size for a small footprint and ideal for office use.
Overall weight of 11 lbs making it light and easy to transport.

Innovative quick release jig for fast model set up.

Improved work efficiency and convenience.

Continuous Scanning Mode
By using a LAN network connection, scanning and data processing canbe carried out on separate computers. This new function will dramatically take work efficiency to another level.

Clinic Mode
With clinic mode the scanner can be applied to dental clinics directly to support chair side restoration solutions.

Open Data Format
Export STL data for compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software and hardware on the market.


Model MMI - SC01
Camera resolution 1,300,000
Accuracy < 15 micrometres
Scanning Range 100 mm * 100 mm * 75 mm
Scanning Time Bite: 18 sec, Upper / lower jaw: 42 sec, 1-8 dies: 42 sec, Impression: 90 sec
Scanning Principle Structured light 3D scanning
Temperature 10°C to 30°C (higher temperature will aect the scanning result)
Dimension 260 mm * 270 mm * 420 mm
Weight 11 lbs
Output Format STL, OBJ
Interface USB 3.0
Power AC 24V

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